Baby and toddler dresses made by a refugee in India, purchased at fair market prices.

Hadassah Dress Floral

$25.00 USD

  • Image of Hadassah Dress Floral

100% Cotton
Elastic Neckline

Available in size:

IMPORTANT: Please note that we have only one dress available in each size at this time. Also, please read our Sizing Guide page to make sure you choose the size that fits best.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about our dresses and how to care for them.

Image of Daya Dress Mustard
Daya Dress Mustard
$25.00 USD
Image of Mia Dress Floral
Mia Dress Floral
$25.00 USD
Image of Mia Dress Rose
Mia Dress Rose
$25.00 USD
Image of Arianna Dress Maroon
Arianna Dress Maroon
$25.00 USD
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