Baby and toddler dresses made by a refugee in India, purchased at fair market prices.

Our Materials

India is home to a wide array of beautiful textiles, and we focus primarily on using fabrics that are unique to India. Many of our dresses are made from India's famous, hand-block printed cottons or hand-woven khadi. Others are machine-printed Jaipuri designs, a style which originated in the Indian city of Jaipur. All of our cotton fabrics are purchased at local Indian markets in New Delhi, India, and all of our rayon fabrics are purchased from an open-air market in the heart of a bustling refugee neighborhood.

And as you can imagine, you need more than just fabric to make a dress. You need thread, buttons, and sometimes elastic or lace. All of these other raw materials are also purchased at markets in New Delhi. This means that every purchase you make not only supports our talented seamstress, but it also supports many other local vendors in India.